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Mario & Nadia Spina

Mario Spina, Executive Chef, and wife, Nadia Spina, are seasoned partners in the restaurant industry. The Sunset Catch is their fourth South Florida restaurant venture. Mario and Nadia's predecessors to the Sunset Catch include: The Big Apple, opened in 1985 in Pompano Beach; in 1996, the critically acclaimed "Cafe Mediterraneo" was opened in Fort Lauderdale; and in 2007, Mario Ristorante Italiano and Wine Bar was opened. The opening of Sunset Catch celebrates Mario's return to his Sicilian roots. Growing up in the seaport town of Palermo on Sicily's Northern coast, Mario was immersed in the rich seafood tradition of "Palermitano" cuisine. A gastronomically rich culture, Palermo is renowned for its fresh fish and locally grown vegetables, herbs, and chops sold daily in the local food markets. Mario brings the atmosphere and taste of Palermo to the Sunset Catch, where only the best and freshest ingredients are selected to create gourmet meals daily.

Nadia hails from Milan in Northern Italy and has worked alongside Mario throughout their culinary careers, and as such she complements Mario's Southern Italian sensibilities. While Mario serves as executive chef, Nadia brings her grace, elegance, and wisdom to the dining rooms creating an atmosphere that enriches the dining experience.

The Big Apple: Sun Sentinel 3 1/2 star
Cafe Mediterraneo: Florida Trend Magazine "New Restaurant of the Year" 1996; Miami Herald and Sentinel 4 star
Mario Ristorante: Featured on television's "Deco Drive" and Channel 6 News with Trina Robinson; Sun Sentinel 3 1/2 star; recipes featured in "Cholesterol Down" by author Janet Bond Brill Ph.D.,R.D.,LDN.

Walter Severyn

A rookie to weathering the restaurant business, Walter "the Wine Doctor" Severyn, left the field of medicine to pursue his passion for wine. A certified sommelier and bartender, Walter can treat your beverage needs and pair your food to suit your palate. In 2010, Walter served as an apprentice to Mario and Nadia at Mario Ristorante. In pursuit of the simple joys that life offers, Walter relishes the waking sun and the warm breath of another day, the company of good friends, not to mention the delicacies and aromas of good food and wine, strumming to the rhythm of the calming waters, patiently awaiting the sunset catch.

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